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Homenet provides a low cost, quick to deploy, satellite internet connection for home users. File transfer speeds are up to 64 times faster than dial-up, and up to 7 times faster than many ordinary ADSL connections.


Homenet is designed for consumers, but its also suitable for home offices and small businesses* with up to 3 users and is ideal for properties outside the fixed line broadband footprint or that have poor or low speed broadband over wires. Homenet is powered by TooWay, a satellite broadband solution designed from the outset for the home. It’s been extremely successful in North America with over 350,000 subscribers on the hardware.


Homenet supports :

Email and browsing

Secure online sites, ecommerce and online banking

Remote site hook up



You can share the service between several computers using a wireless or standard router or switch, and you don’t need the ongoing expense of a phone line.

Tariam Homenet is currently available anywhere in Europe, including Ireland


Homenet features :

Inexpensive hardware and airtime with choice of packages

A straightforward 1 month contract – no long term commitment

“Refer-a-friend” scheme which can deliver your Homenet airtime for FREE

Download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps (3584 kbps), upload up to 384 kbps

Always on, plug and play connectivity

Rapid and cheap installation

Available anywhere in Europe including Ireland, regardless of distance from exchange




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